We were a relocation family and Terrie sold our home at 99% of asking price within 48 days...we were delighted and recommend her to everyone
- Joan

Terrie's speciality with Seniors is excellent.  She met with us for over 1 year to discuss the selling/buying process and repairs to do in the home before we actually listed with her.  She was patient, easy to reach and very knowledgeable which we depended on. She helped us find the best moving company and helped us the the timing of purchasing in an assisted living community.  Her designation as Senior Real Estate Specialist was so valuable for us in this long process.  I would recommend her again. 
- Ed & Michelle

Our relocation plans required us to sell our 5 acre horse ranch and sell quickly. Terrie worked relentlessly during the entire listing period and found the perfect buyer within 66 days. 
- Jane 

I wanted to sell my home and buy a home so the closing were on the same day, which is exactly what happened.  Terrie was an excellent agent for us since she knew exactly what our requirements were.  I was very grately that she was able to find us a suitable home to buy within our price range that met our families needs. Our home sold within 9 days and at 99.5% of list price.  I would recommend Terrie to anyone who needed a dedicated and accountable realtor 
- Darlene

Terrie's responsiveness helped us look at only the properties that met our needs.  Of the 3 we saw we quickly made an offer which was accepted 
- Bob & Pat

My plans were to interview a few realtors and then go on vacation to make my decision about when and who to list my home with.  When I met with Terrie she suggested that I  listed my home with her to sell and then go on my scheduled vacation for 2 weeks.  While I was away Terrie did 2 open houses and had multiple offers for me when I returned.  The entire selling process was a pleasure and effortless on my part.  I selected the buyer that Terrie brought in.  These buyers were the best prepared with a solid written offer and offered 99% of list price and sold within 29 days. Everyone should hire Terrie for any real estate transaction. 
- Lilliam

I was a first time home buyer.  I thought I could only afford a house that was 25-40 miles from my job.  Terrie was sure I could find something within 5 miles of my job. She showed me many homes but the one I purchased is only 2 miles from my job. No more commuting for me thanks to Terrie's knowledge of the area. She is an outstanding agent. 
- Larry

I had already sold my home and we were looking to purchase another.  We met Terrie at one of her open houses.  We found her easy to talk with and her expertise in the area was first hand.  She knew exactly the homes that would meet our needs and budget.  We purchased a great home through Terrie.  She has been our Realtor for other transactions since. 
- Nina & Mohammad

My wife's job relocated her to NJ.  We were out on the internet looking for a Realtor who knew the area we needed.  We contact Terrie and explained we needed a nice quiet rental quickly.  Terrie spent considerable time with us viewing the available listings.  We were able to narrow down the list to just the ones she recommended and knew would meet our needs.  She was correct and we were in our rental within 4 days. 
- Robby & Michelle

I met Terrie at an open house she was having.  I was planning on retiring and moving to Florida.  Terrie understood my nervousness about the selling process.  She assured me that her expertise and patience would make the process seamless for me.  Terrie was easily accessible via her cell phone for any questions I had.  She had a strong buyer for me within 48 days and I was off to Florida.  She was the best Realtor for me and my needs! 
- Sue

The family had outgrown our current home and we need to purchase a home that was within our budget.  We met Terrie at her open house and purchased that home from her.  She then listed our home and within 3 days had multiple offers and we accepted her buyer's offer at 106% of list price.  Not having to keep our home tidy for future showings was priceless!  
- Tim

I needed to downsize and purchase a townhouse within my price range.  Terrie was my realtor of choice for both these transactions.  This sale & purchased need to be on the same day.  Terrie was magical is making the process easy and very thorough. Our home sold for 98% of asking price and we closed on the same day. 
- Mary Jo

We have hired Terrie for many of our rental properties.  She has been careful and detailed about finding us the right tenants who were responsible and credit worthy. - Audrey

Moving up to a bigger home was what we wanted to do but we needed to sell our current home first.  Terrie's marketing strength and strategies was just what we wanted.  Other realtors did not have the strong marketing reputation as Terrie.  She sold our home within 11 days and at 99% of list price.  
- John & Fran

Relocating my family to Boston within 3 months was very stressful.  We hired the best Realtor for our area, which was Terrie.  She sold our home at 98% of list price and we closed within 73 days. - Karen

My mother passed away and in her paperwork she had all of Terrie's quarterly statistical marketing reports that were mailed to her.  On one of the sheets, my mother wrote to call Terrie to list the house for sale.  Since none of us lived in NJ, we asked Terrie if she would take over the property to do whatever we needed to sell.  Terrie willingly help the entire family by bringing in professionals to clean and clear out the home.  We sold for 99% of list price. 
- John

Our parents needed to go into assisted living and Terrie's solid marketing & sales reputation were exactly what we needed.  Terrie met with the whole family to go through the selling process & answered the many questions we all had.  We listed with Terrie and within 27 days she had multiple offers for us and we accepted an offer at full price. 
- Steve

My sister passed away and I didn't live in the area.  Terrie came highly recommended by family in town so we listed with her.  This was an estate sale and Terrie was very knowledgeable about estates and had a team of experts to help us through the process.  She brought us a buyer within 11 days.  We were all grateful for her expertise. 
- Joan

We were retiring and wanted to downsize.  We gave Terrie our information about our retirement date and we wanted to be out of the area by then.  Terrie sold our home at 98% of asking price and met the retirement deadline with ease. 
- Neil

We tried to sell our home on our own for quite some time.  I would see Terrie out doing open houses and I was very familiar with her listing expertise and also bringing in suitable buyers.  When I could not do it any longer, trying to sell on my own, I called Terrie to list our home for sale.  She had a suitable buyer within 49 days and her buyer offered 98% of list price. I was amazed that she brought me the suitable buyer since I had been trying for months and months to sell on my own.  Her commission was worth every penny 
- Vin

Our retirement time was drawing near and we wanted to relocate down south.  We knew Terrie from previous correspondence.  We interview other realtors but felt she would be the best realtor for us.  We listed with her and she worked endlessly to market and promote our home, although it did need some tlc.  Within 65 days she had a writen offer for 99% of our list price...and we were on our way down south. 
- Don

We wanted to relocate to Long Island and need to sell our home quick.  Terrie was recommended to us and when we met her she had the best performance record of listings and sales.  We listed with her and within 60 days we had an acceptable offer for 98% of list price. 
- AJ

I needed to downsize and wanted to do it quickly.  I had been receiving Terrie's quarterly real estate market updates which I looked forward to.  After interviewing many realtors, Terrie was the agent, who was a Seniors Real Estate Specialist and knew exactly what my concerns would be as a senior selling my family home.  Terrie had the most knowledge and best track record for listings and sales.  We had multiple offers all within 20 days and we accepted an ofer for 101% of list price. 
- Frank

My home had been on the market for quite some time.  I tried to sell on my own and I then listed with 2 other real estate companies with no sale to be had.  Terrie's reputation as an Owner/Broker of TKO Properties and the marketing and promotion of her listings were outstanding.  I contacted her to list my home for sale.  I retired and moved south while the home was listed.  Terrie had the home sold for 99% of the list price. 
- Gunther

Terrie has been an excellent realtor for me both on my rental properties and my primary home sale.  Her accountability and accessibility has been very important in our transactions.  She is responsive to my emails and calls and I can count on her for her honest market analysis.  Since we had another home to move to that was already furnished, Terrie sold our home within 40 days and with the creative options of selling it furnished which was helpful to her buyer. 
- Kay and Tib

We were relocating to Pennsylvania and wanted to sell our home quickly.  We listed our home for sale with Terrie and she had multiple offers within the first 2 weeks.  We sold for full price and accepted an offer with Terrie's buyer. - Dave & Ellie

Our plan was to move up to a larger home.  We knew Terrie from previous business and purchased one of her listings.  We then listed our smaller home with Terrie who did have multiple offers for us.  The home sold within 5 days of the list period. 
- Ron

We purchased a few homes through Terrie and found that her knowledge, accountability and accessibility to be very helpful in the process.  Her "can do" attitude is what makes doing business with her priceless.

I listed my house to sell with Terrie.  I then went on vacation for 2 weeks.  While I was away Terrie did many open houses and had multiple offers for me.  The entire selling process was a pleasure and effortless on my part.  
- Parsippany Seller
Terrie K.O. Neuman
Terrie K.O. Neuman
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